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A Rainy, Relaxed 1-Year Anniversary



ast night Sam and I were talking about how we cant believe its already been a year since our own wedding and everything that has happened between now and then.  It goes by quick and the memories you make over the course of just one year are absolutely incredible!  It has been a fast-paced, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants year and I think that basically describes everybody’s first year of marriage.  My only hope is that sitting here on a slow, rainy Sunday (whoop!!) in The Woodlands is a metaphor for the year to come as much as our wedding day was a metaphor for our first year of marriage!  I know both of us could use a little more relaxed year this year and now that both of us have settles into our jobs, our lives, and our marriage a little bit more I’d say we both have a darn good chance!  I hope all of y’all have a great, relaxed Sunday afternoon like us, and here’s to eating some year-old cake!


Besides our photos (which we continue to love and look at continually!) this little piece of cake is all we have left and I think we’re both a little skeptical but a little excited to eat it and finally finish our wedding off a year later (who decided this was a good idea anyway!?)


I’m thinking a return trip to St. Lucia might have been more enjoyable!  Have a great Sunday everybody!



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